Dr. Mohammad からの Feedback Report


2019年3月 Dr. Mohammad からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

Oh yes, this is a successful ending of a 3 months training program in TWMU. The uncertain journey started in January 2019, with a fear in mind of new country, new working environment. The difficult journey was possible to complete by the help of JBMA and all staffs and doctors of TWMU. Now I am in my sweet home. I have joined my department. Everybody here has a curiosity about my training. Besides from work I proudly mention the role played by JBMA and my team in TWMU. How they look after me is amazing.

Hospital activity:

I have attended a lot of surgical procedure in this month (Total 25). There was an exceptional case of aneurysm of right gastroepiploic artery and one case of liver transplantation. In another day I have seen Prof. H Osugi doing eosophagectomy. I have assisted some cases with my colon team. I have attended colonoscopy procedure in OPD. I have attended weekly journal presentation and clinical case presentation on every Tuesday and Thursday. Besides this I have regularly attended ward round with my team and professors round on every Tuesday. I would like to mention Dr. Koshino, Dr. T. Ohki, Dr. K Tani, Dr. Maeda , Dr. Inoue sensei, Dr. Ogawa for their cooperation.

Name of operation Number
Lap. Anterior resection 3
Lap Sigmoid colon resection 2
Lap. Ileocaecal resection 2
Extended Rt hemicolectomy 1
Lap. Pan proctocolectomy with ilealpouch 2
Ileostomy closure 1
Robotic anterior resection 2
Distal pancreatectomy 1
Rt.Hepatectomy 1
Ca Gall bladder 1
Retroperitoneal tumour 1
Distal gastrectomy 1
Parietal wall recurrence 1
Eosophagectomy 1
Liver transplantation 1

Extra academic activities:

As this was the last month for me in Japan so I planned to visit few important places in Japan specially the historic Hiroshima city. In the first week of March I have visited Hiroshima, Osaka and Kiyoto. We read the history of Hiroshima during our school life. I became speechless after visiting War memorial, museum, and atomic dome. Universal studio in Osaka is an excellent place of amusement, whereas Kiyoto is full of so many historic places and temples. I have also visited the Mount Fuji and the Tokyo Disney Sea in another weekend. I am so much lucky to have the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) in Tokyo during my stay in Tokyo. I went to Shinjuku National garden and the Ueno Park to see Cherry blossoms. The mind blowing beauty of Sakura was amazing. Things to remember specially was farewell dinner by JBMA. I have attended two dinner by JBMA. I am blessed to meet president of JBMA, Prof. Motohiro Nozaki sensei, Vice president Prof. Masaki Takeuchi, and Secretary general of JBMA Prof. Sakurai sensei. They are really so great and caring personality. I loved the moments passed with them.

I am so much great full to my team members Dr. Inoue, Dr. Takeshi Ohki, Dr. Ogawa. Dr. Koshino, Dr. K Tani and Dr. Maeda for their whole hearted cooperation and support for me. I also aknowledge the Operating room staffs and Suzuki Namika san and Takahashi san and Maiko san for their cooperation. I am always great full to the lion hearted man, Prof. M Yamamoto for his continuous supervision on me. I had a very nice time in the department with all colleagues. I will miss them definitely. Hope to meet them in near future.


2019年2月 Dr. Mohammad からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza It was so cold when I came in Japan. Gradually I have been adjusted with the weather. There were few days of rain fall with two days of snow fall in Tokyo in this February.

Hospital activity:
Great experience in February. I have seen total 29 cases. I have assisted in some of the cases also. It was a great experience for me. Among them there were 2 cases of pan proctocolectomy with construction of ” J” ileal pouch with pouch anal anastomosis (one patient had Ulcerative colitis another synchronous lesion of colon cancer in two sites). This was totally new to me & I got much interests. The technique of hepatectomy is also excellent (Glissionian pedicle approach). This was also new to me. Besides this < every day I attended ward round with my team and Professors round in every Tuesday. Professor Yamamoto sensei is really a kind hearted man and a loving mentor. He looked after me even in operation room. My team members are very helpful. During ward round they tried to brief me in English about any post-operative complications and special conditions. I would like to mention Dr. Koshino and Dr. T. Ohki, Dr. Tani, Dr. Maeda and Dr. Ogawa for their help. I express my special gratitude to Prof. Itabashi sensei for his excellent demonstration and dictations and of course taking the trouble to answer all my questions.

Table: Lists of operations, seen in February 20019
Name of operation Number
Lap. Anterior resection 5
Lap. Sigmoid colon 4
Lap. Ileocaecal resection 3
Lap. Pan proctocolectomy with construction of ileal pouch and pouch anal anastomosis 2
Ileostomy closure 3
Fistula in ano 1
Robotic anterior resection 1
Lap. Inguinal hernia 1
Pylorus preserving Pancreatoduodenectomy 2
Lap. cholecystectomy 1
Hepatectomy 3
Lap. Excision of retroperitoneal tumour  
Lap. Splenectomy 1
Lap. Distal gastrectomy 1
EMR for Ca eosophagus 1

Hospital activity:
I never cooked in my country. I cooked my food here. So it was another training for me! In the weekends I visited several places like Roppongi, The national Art center, Hinode pier & had a cruise, the Tokyo tower, Zojoji temple, Tokyo Dome, Tochomae ,Tokyo Metropolitan government building and its deck in 45th floor, Akihabara electrical city for buying a camera, The Imperial Palace garden, Asakusa Sensiji temple, and Kandatsu highland ski resort etc. I had an opportunity to enjoy a wrestling show in Tokyo Dome. The February has gone. Now this is the Last month for me. I will leave on 30 March for my country. Hope to utilize rest of the days properly.

2019年1月 Dr. Mohammad からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

I got to know about Japan during my school time as the country where sun rises first. Then knew about Cherry blossom and emperor Hirohito& Akihito. There was a story in my school book named “Children’s of China and Japan”. Besides this Japan is very famous in our country by its motor vehicles, as almost 90% of motor vehicles in our country are of Japanese origin. To us it is a dream country of science, technology, punctuality, discipline and manners.

In the middle of last year my Professor Dr. AZM Mostaque Hossain asked me whether I will come to Japan for training. Instantly I swallowed his proposal with the hunger of learning some new skills from such a developed country. My family members also gave their consent. There was national Parliament election in our country at the end of December that’s why it took a time lag from ministry to grant leave/ deputation order for me. The embassy of Japan in Dhaka, Bangladesh was very helpful in issuing visa for me. I had to buy air ticket within a very short time. Dr. Aleemuzzaman Sheikh helped me selecting Haneda airport rather than Narita.

I have landed in Tokyo on January 15 at 3.30pm. I came from airport by a taxi and found Dr. Hamid waiting for me in hotel lobby. After all formalities in the reception I got entered my room. Getting Wi-Fi could contact my family.

Next morning I accompanied Dr. Hamid to go to University. There I met Prof. Sakurai sensei and Maiko san. I had a warm greetings and conversation with Prof. Sakurai sensei. Maiko san took me to the department of Gastrointestinal Surgery. There I met Prof. Masakazu Yamamoto sensei and Suzuki san. We had a great introduction. Prof. Yamamoto sensei introduced me with my colorectal team. Here I met Prof. Itabashi, Dr. Takeshi Ohki, Dr. Koshino and Dr. Kudo. It’s Dr. Koshino who is still taking care of me as I have no Pager/ phone, no ID card. I can’t enter the operation theatre without his help.

On 21st January Prof. Yamamoto invited me along with other three foreign students for a dinner. Here I met prof. Harushi Osugi and Prof. Michio Itabashi. I enjoyed Japanese foods. After dinner Prof. Itabashi helped me to reach my hotel.

26 January we went to Yuzawa from the department of Gastroenterology. I must express special thanks to Prof. Yamamoto sensei for arranging such a nice viewing room for us. I enjoyed the snow for the first time with a traditional Japanese dinner.

Hospital activity
In this 15 days of January I have seen:
Laparoscopic anterior resection 2
Robot assisted anterior resection 2
Laparoscopic sigmoidectomy 2
Right hemicolectomy 1
Ileostomy closure 2
Hepatectomy 2
Haemorrhoidectomy 1
I had the opportunity to attend colonoscopy procedure.
Robotic surgery is new to me. We don’t have robot in our country. I got very much interest in it. I have assisted few operations such as ileostomy closure, Haemorrhoidectomy and one case of hepatectomy. I like to express my gratitude