Dr. Hamid からの Feedback Report


2019年3月 Dr. Hamid からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

When this report is posted may be I am far away from here and have reached my sweet home. It was almost 5 months, I stayed here in Japan and it was full of memories for me. When I came here at Japan I was like, I had fallen in a sea. But as the time goes I was able to cope up with the new environment, the new culture, new people and new cuisine. But now, I am going to miss Japan. I love Tokyo, I love the people of Japan. I just love this country. I am really grateful to my sir Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Kalam, Dr. Samanta Lal sen, Prof. Dr. Md. Sazzad Khondoker for selecting me and giving me the opportunity to attend this training programme. My heartiest thanks goes to my mentor Prof. Hiroyuki Sakurai Sensei for accepting me as a trainee and he has taught me a lot of things. I will definitely miss him a lot. My special thanks to Prof. Emeritus Motohiro Nozaki, he is a guy I would always miss. My gratitude goes to the department specially Dr. Yamaki sensei, Dr. Hori sensei, Dr. Masa sensei, Dr. Fuji Sensei, Dr. Takada. I would like to thank Dr. Masa Hasegawa, Dr. Yuki Hasegawa, Dr. Osa, Dr. Konoeda, Dr. Nakamoto, Dr. Kamei Dr. Asaka and Dr. Fujii.

The guys without whom I could not do anything, the guys who were here whenever I need anything, whenever I need any help Dear Maiko Kunimi san and Yumiko Shionoiri san. I am really grateful to them. I would like to thank all the doctors and staff of other department the OT nurses and other staffs, without their support I could not complete my training here.

I had a chance to participate a lots of plastic surgical cases. Some of those were new to me. I have seen a lots of Breast reconstruction cases here and it’s because Prof. Hiroyuki Sakurai is very good to do that. A lots of Free flap cases ,Expander implant cases, different types of flaps, burn wound management, post burn case reconstruction, congenital cases like cleft lip and palate, retrosternal bar for pectus excavatum, varicose veins, maxillofacial fracture cases, replantation, lymphovascular anastomosis for lymphedema treatment, nasal bone fracture, hernioplasty, eyelid surgery, vascular lesion cases, different types of scar revision, excision of lumps and bumps, application of laser, perforator flaps, pressure sore management and so so. It was nice to learn some different techniques and hope that I can use my experience here while going back home.

I had a chance to present my paper at morning conference. I had chance to visit some places of Japan. I could visit the different places of Tokyo and I really enjoyed my staying here at Japan.

Have learnt some different culture, different cuisine. Food was very difficult for me when I came here but day by day I could manage myself. Specially as a muslim I never tried alcohol, pork and meat (if it is not Halal). So in that sense I could hardly eat food outside and I always had to cook for myself.

I tried some Japanese food here like Sushi, Tempura, soba, different types of sea foods, vegetables. I liked to have fruits here and also fish like Tuna, salmon, red seabream (Tai) and so on. Could enjoy some traditional Japanese culture too.

The people here are very hardworking, honest, sincere, polite, and gentle. I like the way they treat other people and I definitely like Japan. I will definitely miss Japan and will miss TWMU.

My special thanks goes to my Family, my wife, my daughter, my parents and others. Without their support and sacrifice I could not complete my training here at Japan. Bye...

Hope to see you again.

2019年2月 Dr. Hamid からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

The winter continue to February too. Cool windy sunny days were the criteria of this month. Had a snow fall eventful day in one or two occasions in Tokyo. We had some interesting operations in this month. Two breast reconstruction cases were amazing. Free DIEP flap and nipple reconstruction with arrow flap. Areola reconstruction by full thickness skin from groin and nipple shearing were also very nice. Prof Sakurai Sensei were the key in this part of surgery.

Thanks for Dr. Tanabe and Dr. Masa Hasegawa for their excellent performance in Blepharoplasty in western operation room. Craniotomy and destruction is indicated in craniosynostosis syndromic patient. With the help of Neurosurgeon Dr. Yuki Sensei performed this operation very nicely. It was very new operation for me. Open reduction and internal fixation of different types of maxillary fracture and other facial bones fracture cases. Special thanks to Dr. Yuki Hasegawa and Dr. Konoeda Sensei.

Amyloblastoma is a locally malignant tumor in the mandible. It is also common in Bangladesh. Some plastic surgeons at home like to use fibula to reconstruct it. But Prof. Sakurai did operation with iliac crest. It was really interesting to me. Hopeful for fitting dental implant particularly for this type of young women. Prof. Sakurai Sensei is very expert in this field. It was exciting when we went to participate an operation of breast cancer reconstruction case at Edogawa hospital along with Prof. Sakurai Sensei.

Another Bangladeshi scholar of JBMA Dr. Ibrahim from GI surgery department has been staying with me. We were visited Tokyo metropolitan government building, Supermarket at Shinjuku area, Yoyogi-park, Ueno-park and adjacent lake area. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and respect to the Shahid who sacrificed their lives since 1952 for their mother language on 21st February.

Hope to continue the journey ……

2019年1月 Dr. Hamid からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

Happy New Year 2019. Had a long holiday at the beginning of January. So was a big opportunity to see tourist spots here in Tokyo. It was Prof. Sakurai Sensei who was with me at the beginning of the travel to Tokyo Tower by a car drive was amazing. All of a sudden, I got a native friend who had a trip to Tokyo station, Imperial Park, adjacent area, Asakusa temple and river sides. I also visited Shinjuku areas, super markets, malls and Ueno Park, national museum of nature & science. At the middle of month, I found another Bangladeshi Surgeon who is also scholar of JBMA.

It was great surprise to get a gift of Jacket from JBMA, probably due to intensity of cold was increasing. Thanks to Prof. emeritus Nozaki Sensei. Had a great opportunity of visiting Japanese house to see normal family life style for the first time in Tokyo. I was invited by a senior Bangladeshi doctor who has been living here for 10 years, had a good relation with Dr. Ibrahim also had a lunch and dinner with them.

The department was busy after a big vacation. I had opportunities to assist free tissue transfer. I had learned all kinds of breast reconstruction like reconstruction with pedicle LD flap, free flap DIEP or SIEP or LD flap, with expander and implant, nipple -areola reconstruction, Medical tattoo. I perform lower limb reconstruction at home, it was great curiosity to learn free DIEP flap for lower limb reconstruction. Closure of sternal wound infection following CABG Patient by pectoralis major muscle flap had given me confident enough to perform it. Cleft is important issue for Plastic Surgeon but secondary deformity is reality and often question. Thanks to Dr. Honda Sensei and Dr. Tanabe Sensei to perform secondary Rhinoplasty and correction of secondary deformity in cleft patient. Blepharoplasty is also challenging job for upper eye lid ptosis, I got inspiration from this surgery. It was interesting to use free posterior interosseous flap for fingertip reconstruction.
Hope to continue the journey…

2018年12月 Dr. Hamid からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

It was December and second month of my overseas training. The intensity of cold gradually increasing. People in Tokyo mostly covered with Jackets. But I could hardly feel because I was busy in my works. I had different experience both in my hospital works and outsides. Had a chance to explore new areas and met some wonderful people.

Hospital works: It was great chance to see few new cases and assisted some operations. Total number were 45. Of them free flap 6, Breast reconstruction 8, vascular cases 4, chest wall 3, skin graft 1, aesthetic1, Nasal reconstruction 2, orbital blowout fracture 5,2ndary deformity of cleft lip and palate 3, esophageal reconstruction 1, craniosynostosis-destruction-osteogenesis 3, cranioplasty 3,lympho-venous anastomosis 4. So a variety of cases.

Every morning, I came to office at 7.15 A.M then there was a morning conference in which operative case discussion, clinical case discussion, journal presentation took place. Professor’s rounds were in every Monday. I participated out-patient clinic every Friday. Surgery usually was started from 9A.M. Had a great chance to learn from Professor Sakurai Sensei Breast reconstruction with free DIEP or SIEP. Cranioplasty or knee joint reconstruction with free LD flap were very much interesting. Dr. Hori Sensei did great job for esophageal reconstruction with free jejunal flap. Destruction-osteogenesis for craniosynostosis, orbital blowout fracture fixation, correction of pectus excavatum, lympho-venous anastomosis were also mentionable cases.

I was also keen to learn sclerotherapy and LASER from Dr. Yamaki Sensei. Dr. Osa Sensei played great role for laser treatment. Had a chance to learn medical Tattoo from Dr. Fujii Sensei.

So lots of experience for me in the December month here in Japan. Hope to continue the Journey.

2018年11月 Dr. Hamid からの Feedback Report

Dr. Afroza

I had a long cherished desire to train overseas in plastic surgery. I would like Japan, one of the priority countries. I had heard many tales about Japan (land of rising sun, land of unity, punctuality, land of strength, land of humbleness, history, culture etc.) from my father in early childhood and also from one of my cousin who spent more than 10 years here in Tokyo. Probably 5 years ago, when Dr. Humyra was visiting at TWMU, I was resident Plastic Surgery at DMC, I applied to Prof Abul Kalam for overseas training in here. But he didn’t allow me. It was better for me because I had final examination. I was promoted and appointed at Rangpur Medical College within months of my passing. I was busy in new place, new job, work load and forgot about overseas training. It was some kind of surprise for me all on a sudden, Dr. Samanta lal Sen president, Society Plastic Surgeons of Bangladesh called me via mobile phone that SPSB has selected me for next JBMA candidate at TWMU.I was talked to Prof. Abul Kalam & Dr. Sheik Aleemuzzaman (General Manager, JBMA, BD) and sent all papers to JBMA office in Dhaka. After a few days, I got response from Prof Sakurai Sensei. I couldn’t believe it that time because I hadn’t any preparation. Actually as per Prof Sakurai’s direction, Maiko Kunimi San managed COA, COE within very short period. On the other hand, I managed VISA, order from RpMC & MOHFW,BD.I booked Air ticket on 22th October .But it had to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Finally, I started my journey at 28th October while kept my family (my wife, two daughters, my mother) alone in Dhaka. The journey was fine and had a very welcome reception from my Prof. Sakurai Sensei , he took me from Narita to hotel and assured me all the advice. I contacted to my family using internet.

On the next morning, I went to Nerima ward office for my residency registration. It Maiko Kunimi San who took all the pain there. Still now she is taking care all my troubles. Then I went to office (TWMU) and met the department. I introduced here to Dr. Hori Sensei, Dr. Masa. Dr. Konoeda, Dr. Kamei, Dr. Yamaki and others including office stuff. I also found Dr. Yang Sensei, a Chinese Plastic Surgeon in office.

Initial few days were very tuff which was due to language deficiency. I was tired not to understand Japanese language. Language barrier, meeting new people, experiencing a different life style, experiencing a new culture in a different climate, missing friends and family, feeling lonely, homesick, a change in diet, all these things made me a little bit cultural shock. Every culture has unspoken rules which affect the way people treat each other. I couldn’t forget my Chinese friend Dr. Yang who was beside me during this difficult period.

I am getting to adept day by day. Now it is almost OK. Every morning except holiday I come to office at 7.15 a.m & take part in morning conference, ward round, operation, outpatient clinic etc. Prof. Sakurai Sensei is a big professor and surgeon as well. He assured me about every kind of help I need. It was pleasure for me to meet him. In the meanwhile, I had a welcome party and dinner. Enjoyed Japanese dish (vegetables, fish, curry, egg, fruits, sweets, drinks etc.).  So far everything is fine. Hope to continue the journey....