Dr. Nora からの Feedback Report


2014年 3月 Dr.Noraからの Feedback Report

Been here for 3 months.The best part is Diabetes centre of TWMU has become a family to me.Professor Uchigata sensei and her whole team has taken care of me in such a way that I really felt like home here.Been to ‘farewell party’ in such a nice big hall.I was really honoured to give a speech with Professor Uchigata sensei on the same stage---I was feeling like a celebrity at that moment.The way Uchgata sensei  praised about me ---it was more than a noble prize for me!! One more thing I want to tell that Uchigata sensei---You are full of life always!! Intellectual  Dr. Naoko Iwasaki sensei---you have such a nice motherly heart to whom I will be always grateful for taking care of me like her daughter.Pretty Dr. Makiko Ogata sensei you were also there for me all the time to take care of me when I used to study .Thanks to Dr. Sato sensei for being so nice and guiding me to show cherry blossom!You are the charming one

Hanai sensei—do you know that you have such an innocent and kind heart? You always do mountain like hard work with ease and comfort on your face.I have been giving you trouble all these days for making you translate English every week.Thanks sensei ! I will really miss your saying “oskara sama des” every Wednesday at outpatient clinic !

 Akira sensei—the way you teach me ophthalmology it was just awesome—I loved your teaching!! You are a genious!! When you were cutting that pig eye and I was watching all those internal eye anatomy –it was real thrilling experience for me.Even it was more fun when I by myself was cutting that eye—I realized that if I would be  a surgeon it wouldn’t be  that bad !!

 March was a real eventful month for me.Thanks to Junko yamaguchi sensei for giving me chance to visit Nihon university Emergency unit.It was really adventurous to see swan ganz catheter and other emergency stuff.Special thanks to Dr. Humayra sensei for making it possible.I was a real lucky girl to witness  simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation for the third time.

 Last but not the least Thanks to Sakurai sensei and Professor Emiritus Nozaki sensei for giving this young lady the biggest chance for her career to make the foundation more stronger than ever.

 Anyway some people wait for a lifetime to earn this kind of love,respect and memories which I have gained here at TWMU.It was a walk to remember for me.

 Goodbye,sayonara---TWMU.Miss you all !!

2014年 2月 Dr.Noraからの Feedback Report

It’s been two months I am living in Japan away from my family. Though it’s really hard but however I am loving it. Because I am enjoying my work at Diabetes Centre of Tokyo Women’s Medical Univeristy. It was real fun enjoying the snow for the first ever in my life. The most interesting thrilling spicy thing I have experienced at this month is “Simultaneous Pancreas Kidney Transplantation” for the first time in my life. Observing the surgery was really breathtaking for me and I was really surprised that how the surgeons was doing this big surgery with such an ease and comfort like this is a piece of cake for them. HOLA……. such an art of excellence! Great going TWMU! Thanks to Dr. Neumura who really made this possible for me to watch this.

One more thing I have seen that in weekly rounds professor and chief of medicine see each and every patient with so clarity and patience. That really impressed me! Because back in Bangladesh I get to see lots of patients in rounds of professor but not with this level of patience, may be for the reasons that patient loads are too high for us. So one more new thing I learned that behaving with your patients and dealing with the disease is equally important for a doctor. Also the “VAC” treatment for the foot therapy was a new one to witness. As usual I get to see patients at outdoor every week and get to know a lot more updated things.Research discussion with Dr. Nakagami was great.My professors and colleagues are very nice to me.Thanks to professor Uchigata who is keeping arranging the small discussions with different multidisciplinary approach.

So, actually I am really a newborn in this “world of doctors” as I have just finished my internship a year ago. But I am seeing the horizon of knowledge waiting for me unwinding like a DNA helix and world of the highest respect that any profession can have. Back in my childhood my doctor parents used to say that “the position of a doctor is next to God”. Yes it is! Now I know and I can feel every bit of it and loving it !

2014年 1月 Dr.Noraからの Feedback Report

Hello,I am Dr. Nora Anwar Khan (FCPS-1 in Endocrinology and metabolism) came from Dhaka Medical College Hospital,Bangladesh to “ Diabetes Center” TWMU,Japan in a student exchange programme financed by JBMA.

…. Hearing the name of Japan, first thing pop into my mind is Chopstick,sushi and green tea !Landing in Tokyo for the first time made me feel extremely good as I am coming here with a vision of gaining knowledge of diabetes and medicine.I am really lucky as my mother, Prof. Syeda Akhter Jahan, a gynaecologist and obstetrician in a hospital in Bangladesh, my inspiring IDOL, my “GURU” accompanying me for the first 8 days. Here I met my own Bangladeshi senior apu Dr. Humayra from plastic surgery who helped me in such a way that for whom from the second day Japan was feeling like a home to me.Thanks Humayra apu for being there for me as a big sister.

Had a great tour to ravishing and silent volcanic Mount Fuji, heavenly Hakone, tall Tokyo Tower, picture like Odaiba and colourful Yokohama with my mother. I am extremely honored to get a welcome party from respectable, intellectual Prof. Sakurai Sensei in traditional Japanese restaurant where we ate ‘Shabu-shabu’ and ‘Skiaki’, raw beef --- thinly sliced which we had to cook in boiling water and soy-sauce on bunrner, sounds strange, right? But honestly enjoyed it very much with all other and Maiko, secretary of JBMA, my sweetheart, my lovely chirping bird in Japan.

First day, in Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital Professor Uchigata welcomed me at morning conference where I got myself introduced with my mates of Diabetes centre. Then she handed me over to Dr. Neumura, who is very sincere, from whom I get to know the protocols of seeing patients. Then I met Dr. Ichimura who knows English very well and guided me like a real friend and I am not facing any problem regarding learning new things. Here, I attend morning conference ,get the English version of the journal from internet every morning, see patients,watch dialysis,do rounds, watch outdoor patients with Dr. Hanai, attend nephropathy meeting, do library work and enjoy “Obento” every Thursday lunch with chopstick ofcourse!

Anyway, its been a month residing in Japan, the most surprising thing I have noticed that Japanese nation is extremely endowed with an original nature and self -containment. They don’t pursuit of something extraneous. Since humans are born with an innate “Buddhahood” (the potential to become a Buddha or and “awakened one“), they should try to find it from within rather than from outside themselves.So, I do believe that spirit of Japan is the purest with true nature wrapped inside an ego shaped by knowledge and experience.So,I am truly blessed to acquiring something new in medical science which makes me feel like “SATORI” ----“ a state of enlightened awareness“ that is extremely difficult to describe in words. Special thanks to JBMA, Prof. Nozaki sensei, Prof. Sakurai sensei, Prof. Uchigata to give me this opportunity. I really hope to become a “Knight of Heart” for Bangladesh, as a Bangladeshi representative in Japan.